Fan Film Silent Hill: Echoes Gets Release Date Pushed Back

Silent Hill is such an iconic survival-horror video game franchise that has a massive fan base. Unfortunately, that fan base has been mainly ignored. After Team Silent was disbanded Konami has left the IP to be developed under various western development studios. Those video games have been mainly considered lackluster in comparison to the original team’s groundwork. 

However, there have been several rumors suggesting that some of that core team is back to work on a reboot to the franchise. It’s been an on-going rumor so we can’t label it as anything close to being official for the time being. However, there are other developments seemingly going on. The director behind the original Silent Hill movie adaptation, Christophe Gans, has talked about doing another Silent Hill movie. 

Despite that, several fan projects are going on for the franchise in hopes of not getting shutdown by Konami. One of those projects is a new fan film by the name of Silent Hill: Echoes. This film is being centered around the Silent Hill 2 video game where James Sunderland receives a letter from his deceased wife to meet her at the town of Silent Hill. If you’re familiar with the video game narrative, you know that this is a mature storyline filled with some iconic moments and heartache. 

While Silent Hill: Echoes was originally slated to release on November 27, 2020, the trailer reveal was met with a ton of views. There was apparently a bigger reception from fans than the directors, Tim Davis and James Coleman, had initially expected. This resulted in the duo pulling the movie from its release on YouTube this Friday. Instead, with the number of fans showing their interest in the film, the duo decided to make time out of their 2021 plans to get a few reshoots for particular scenes. With COVID-19 being such a problem all around the world, there’s no word on just when we can expect this film from hitting YouTube. 

Source: Bloody Disgusting