inFamous Second Son Sells One Million Copies in Nine Days – Updated

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed sales of inFamous: Second Son have surpassed one million in a post on the PlayStation Blog

ORIGINAL STORY: Sucker Punch's inFamous Second Son has sold one million copies in nine days according to EL33T Online which sources a Sony press release. 

Second Son was one of the highlights of Sony's PS4 reveal event in February last year and it isn't terribly surprising that the game has proven to be such a success given the shortage of key titles on the console at this stage. The game has become the fastest selling title in the franchise to date despite the PS3 having a much larger installed based when inFamous 1 and 2 were released. 

inFamous is the second firs party PS4 game to achieve sales of one million following launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall. EL33T claims to have been sent the press release which isn't available on Sony's European media site but we'll let you know if there's official confirmation. Either way, success like this isn't unexpected. 

Sucker Punch is currently working on several updates for the game which will allow players to lock the framerate at 30FPS, among other option. 

Early last month, it was announced that six million PS4s had been sold since the system was released last November.