Microsoft Store Listing Unveils Far Cry 6 Release Date

The Far Cry franchise has quite the following and there wasn’t much surprise to see Ubisoft had been working on a sixth installment. This game has been in the development process for a few years before it was unveiled in July of 2020. Of course, what we didn’t expect was that the game was featuring actor Giancarlo Esposito. At any rate, this game has fans eager to dive into the new grand adventure the developers have been working on. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much from the game quite yet but a new listing might have unveiled the intended launch date of Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft is throwing players into a fictional Caribbean island called Yara. The island is controlled by a strict regime with El Presidente showing his son that the only way to care for the island and see those he loves safe is by ruling with an iron fist. Of course, players will be stepping into the role of a guerrilla fighter named Dani who is hoping to see this island overthrown and brought back into a peaceful state once again. 

We know that this game features the largest map to date for the Far Cry franchise to date so we imagine that there will be plenty of reasons to explore, people to meet, and optional quests to take on. Of course, we have to wait a bit to see just what all players can expect to do within Far Cry 6 as we’ve only received one trailer so far. However, that should change soon as we’re bound to get something to further market the game.

While we are not certain if it’s accurate at the moment, it looks like a Microsoft store listing may have outed the release date for Far Cry 6. According to Far Cry 6 on the Microsoft Xbox storefront, players can expect the video game to launch on May 25, 2021. That’s not been confirmed yet and it very well could be a placeholder that was submitted until the official release date is announced. At any rate, there is always the potential for the game to get hit with a delay which is not unusual for studios to require a bit more time before releasing their game into the market.

Source: Microsoft