Nintendo 3DS Receives Another Update

There are quite a few handhelds that Nintendo has put out over the years. Nintendo has been known for delivering a plethora of video game consoles and portable gaming handhelds over the years. Just like with any big console or handheld, they are made to last only for so long before eventually they become discontinued and moved over for the next big hardware release. For several years now, Nintendo has been supporting the Nintendo 3DS lineup but that has since come to an end.

The Nintendo 3DS has been around since 2011 and it’s received several different iterations over the years. We’ve seen new updated components to even variations that dropped the 3D functionality to keep costs down. However, just like with everything else Nintendo has put out, there is eventually a successor and that came in the form of the Nintendo Switch. It wasn’t long after the release that Nintendo slowly started to dwindle down support for their Nintendo 3DS lineup and instead put more attention to the latest console hybrid.

However, like other discontinued hardware, there are still a few updates that tend to go out for consumers. Nintendo actually just put out a new update for their Nintendo 3DS which brings the system to 11.14.0-46. Don’t go in thinking anything major was brought into the portable handheld system. Instead, it’s a console stability update that only helps improve the overall hardware for consumers.

These updates tend to also add some more security although it’s a bit difficult to say if there was anything notable that has changed with this update from Nintendo. At any rate, we’re not sure just how many more updates this console will end up receiving but those of you who wanted to keep up with the latest official firmware for the handheld can at least do so for the time being.

Source: Nintendo