Is Fortnite Receiving A Subscription Service Tier?

There are a ton of great free video game titles that players can enjoy. Some games are a bit more reliant on players spending money to get a competitive edge, while others rely on various cosmetics shop offers. Both can do well for developers, but at the end of the day, some players are happy just logging online and enjoying the video game without having to feed too much or any money into the title. Now it looks like one of the biggest free-to-play video game titles may have a big change coming out shortly.

Epic Games is a massive video game studio. They have to build up some iconic franchises and even started an online marketplace storefront for PC players. However, most may be familiar with their current popular video game title that has taken the world by storm several years ago, Fortnite. This battle royale game is bright and colorful which certainly caught the player’s eye when it first launched. Now, that it’s become such a massive hit, we’re seeing several crossover events from other iconic franchises both video games and other pop culture media. 

For years now the game operated as a free-to-play model with players getting access to other in-game loot, gear, and cosmetics by paying for these in-game items. Epic Games has certainly made a fortune through this game, but it looks like there may be a subscription tier being added to the title. A new survey that is being sent out by Epic Games is showcasing an image and asking players what they believe the advertisement includes under a monthly subscription service. 

This subscription service could provide some V-Bucks among other gear to secure players into enjoying the game regularly. However, being that this is just a survey and not an announcement, there’s no telling if this premium subscription service will come to fruition. Instead, interested players could simply fill the survey out and see just what Epic will offer when and if this premium service tier makes its way out into the market.

Source: Gamesradar, Twitter