PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Will Have Accessibility Settings

There was a ton of anticipation for 2020 to get here for the video game industry. Of course, by the time 2020 hit, there was plenty of reasons to get through it. One of the massive changes that happened this year that took the world by storm was the health pandemic outbreak known as the coronavirus. It’s caused our daily lives to change quite drastically, but it’s a movement that is happening worldwide in hopes of stopping the spread of this virus while we wait for a vaccine to come out into the market. 

This coronavirus health pandemic outbreak wasn’t going to be enough for either Microsoft or Sony to hold off on their launch of the next-generation video game consoles. Both consoles will arrive on time for their November release. What this did do for the console manufacturers is change up how they advertise and market these consoles for the fan base all around the world. Normally, we would see these consoles get toured around for players to try out along with being at big conventions. Since the virus prevented large gatherings and in-person events, the way these consoles were highlighted was through different online streams.

One of the first few big reveals for the PlayStation 5 actually wasn’t the console but the controller that fans could expect when the system releases. Rather than going through the normal DualShock name, the PlayStation 5 controller is known as the DualSense. This is a new immersive controller that offers the same overall shape and size as the DualShock 4 but with some unique features. Players will find that there is more haptic feedback which can alter various vibration feels depending on the developer’s programming. Another area that the DualSense really changes things up is the trigger resistance. Players could find that the triggers may become a bit harder to push down which again would hopefully translate to a more immersive experience. 

Now a new bit of information has come out alerting fans that if you don’t want these features, you can turn them off. It’s all apart of the accessibility features within the PlayStation 5 settings which should hopefully make the console a bit easier for players to enjoy with their preferences. 

Source: IGN