Halo Infinite Loses The Project Director

Halo has been a staple franchise for the Microsoft Xbox brand. It’s been with Xbox since the original console and over the years we’ve seen new mainline installments, spin-offs, to even remastered editions launch for players’ enjoyment. Despite several installments released, fans still enjoy a new action-packed adventure featuring Master Chief and the fight against those who seek humanity’s destruction. After the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, fans have been waiting on 343 Industries to bring out their next installment, Halo Infinite. It’s been a long wait for fans as well with small cinematic teasers and trailers.

After promises of a gameplay trailer coming in 2020, we finally got that anticipated footage during the summer where Microsoft was hyping up their next console release, the Xbox Series X. After years of waiting, fans finally got their first real glimpse into Halo Infinite and the results of the gameplay footage were lackluster. Fans were incredibly disappointed over the lack of quality. With several internet tweets, posts, and videos showing a subpar Halo game in their eyes, Microsoft along with 343 Industries made the difficult decision to delay the game.

Rather than launching alongside the Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite would see a release in 2021. It seems that Microsoft was ready to make some changes to the development team as well over the lack of a thrilling project for fans. One of the veteran developers on Halo from Bungie, Joe Staten, is still a Microsoft employee and he was actually just moved to 343 Industries to help get the project on track. and get it back on track.

Now it looks like another developer has dipped out which is Chris Lee, a director for Halo Infinite. We’re uncertain why Chris Lee has been removed or decided to step down but he’s still a Microsoft employee with future projects likely on the horizon. Could this mean that there is still some trouble getting Halo Infinite into a state ready for fans of the franchise? There are no clear signs either way, but fans are hopeful that this next installment will be a big hit well worth the long wait.

Source: Bloomberg