Cancelled Telltale Stranger Things Game Has Soundtrack Released

Telltale Games was a massive name not that long ago. This studio was known for delivering some adventure narrative-focused video game titles and through their work, they’ve managed to work on some big-name IPs. We’ve seen projects such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones in the past from the studio. However, it wasn’t long ago that we got the news of Telltale Games shutting down. It was actually during the development of the last season of their The Walking Dead run which left some wondering if the game would ever full release episodically. Fortunately, Skybound stepped in and delivered the remaining episodes for the video game.

However, it wasn’t going to be the case for other projects that Telltale Games had been developing. As mentioned, the studio was able to work on several big-name IPs and one of the projects that were in the works was a Stranger Things video game adaptation. We’re not sure just how far the studio got into the game but it was ultimately cancelled when the studio went under. Since then we’ve seen some gameplay footage leak online along with some concept art which could offer a bit of insight on how the game would have looked like, although the Telltale Games had mainly played and looked similar in general. 

It’s been a couple years now but the game is being brought up once again. This time over the musical score that was made by Antimo & Welles. The group was approached by Telltale Games to make music for the game in which they did, but after their few tracks created, Telltale Games went under and since then the group had been sitting on this OST. Since they were not paid for their work and no signs of the game are coming back, the duo decided to release the soundtrack completely for free which you can listen to below. 

It’s clear that the group went for the same tone and feeling as the original Netflix series. This music is available for free through YouTube, but the group did note that you can download the individual tracks through their Patreon if you wish to support them and the work they’ve made.

Source: YouTube