A Surprise Pokemon App Slated To Release This Year

There’s been a push lately from Nintendo to get content out on the smartphone market. It was a bit of a surprising move initially as the Nintendo company has kept far away from competitive devices and hardware. After all, a large part of Nintendo’s hardware sales came from portable handheld devices with the Nintendo Switch taking the center focus for both being a home console to a portable gaming device. 

Still, Nintendo took note that smartphones have become overwhelmingly popular with the devices being available to a massive audience. As a result, there was a push to get their IPs out into the smartphone market in some shape or form. Ultimately, what we received is a few notable franchises making an appearance such as Mario Kart and even Pokemon. The latter had a massive influx of players actively enjoying at least one game under the Pokemon umbrella.

I’m of course referring to Pokemon Go, an application that had players actively roaming their neighborhoods in search of Pokemon to capture through their smartphone’s GPS. It also had public gyms to take over among other goodies, but the main focus was using your smartphone’s GPS to locate Pokemon. This had all kinds of players enjoying the game both veteran fans to newcomers. During the heyday, you couldn’t escape the number of people roaming around on their smartphones in hopes of capturing an elusive Pokemon to add to their collection.

Now it looks like another Pokemon app is in the works. This comes from a GB Eye magazine that notes that the Pokemon Company has an application that is being developed for a release sometime within Q4 of 2020. That’s unfortunate, all we know right now as there’s been no official reveal of a new application is being developed. Still, 2021 will be the 25th anniversary of Pokemon so that should bring all sorts of content for fans of the franchise.

Source: Go Nintendo