New Video Showcases PlayStation 5 Loading Times

This has been quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. This is the year that both the Microsoft Xbox Series X along the PlayStation 5 will release into the marketplace. We’re very close now to their arrivals which are set for next month. However, some may be holding out to see the performance and potential issues these platforms may have when they finally become available. Still, that’s not stopping some footage from coming out comparing the latest consoles to current-generation platforms.

One of the latest videos to make an appearance online involves the PlayStation 5. It looks like we have footage of the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition being loaded on the console platform. However, it’s also showcased for its loading times compared to other platforms readily available today. We know that Sony has been boasting the PlayStation 5 SSD and while we are eager to see it in action in-person, this video will show how much faster it is through the likes of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4.

The video shows that the PlayStation 5 comes out on top with the game loading in just a couple of seconds while everything else in the comparison video trails behind. It’s worth noting that none of the platforms took all that much longer than the PlayStation 5. Still, it’s a noticeable difference. We’re of course wondering how the console will hold up with the PlayStation 5 when a modern game optimized for each platform launches into the market.

In other loading time news, recently The Last of Us Remastered had a patch update that significantly cut down the loading times on the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, fans can expect the PlayStation 5 to launch into the marketplace on November 12, 2020, for select markets.

Source: PSU, YouTube