Did Demon’s Souls Already Reach Gold Status?

Bluepoint Games is a pretty well-known video game development studio. While they are likely not familiar with players for their original works, the team that makes this studio up has delivered several remastered editions along with remakes which have proven to be quite popular. In fact, one of their latest works has a massive following and there are certainly some players concerned that the title was not going to be ready for the intended launch date.

As mentioned, Bluepoint Games has worked on several remakes and remastered editions in the past. Included in the mix is the God of War Collection, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and most recently, their work on the Demon’s Souls remake. The title that really sparked a big following for FromSoftware back on the PlayStation 3 is getting a remake from Bluepoint Games. Originally, this title was launched in 2009 and it’s being treated for a launch suitable for the PlayStation 5.

In fact, there were intentions of seeing the game launch into the market alongside the PlayStation 5 next month. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of the remake and since the information hasn’t been all that transparent from the studio, it was possible that work fell behind Bluepoint Games due to the current coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. This prompted an individual on Twitter to ask for information regarding the process of the game to an industry insider.

Lance McDonald is a person who is considered an industry insider and someone to take note of when he releases a new tweet or post regarding a franchise or studio. When asked by a follower about the lack of a gold tweet from the studio, Lance McDonald replied that the game had gone gold back on September 24, 2020, so it’s a bit unusual not to see a confirmation about Demon’s Souls reaching Gold status by the studio to further hype up the launch of the game when the PlayStation 5 releases starting on November 12, 2020. At any rate, this is not an official statement so we can’t label this as anything other than speculation and rumors for now.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant