Kojima Productions Fans Are Hoping For New Game Reveal Soon

Hideo Kojima is a world-renown video game developer that has certainly gained a massive following. This developer is responsible for several video game IPs but most well know of him from the beloved Metal Gear Solid franchise. Over the years we’ve seen this franchise explode with new and exciting installments. However, what fans may not have expected was the announcement of his work on the Silent Hill franchise.

Working at Konami, Hideo Kojima teased at the idea of making a scary game and being a developer that could potentially craft something unique due to being scared easily. Eventually, fans were given access to a demo of a game called P.T. a survival horror game from an unknown indie development studio. Set in the first-person view, there were plenty of atmospheric and creepy moments for players to endure as they attempt to uncover all the clues and puzzle pieces. When players eventually finished the cryptic demo, it was unveiled to be for a new Silent Hill title called Silent Hills.

This had the Silent Hill fan base rejoicing for the next thrilling installment under control of Hideo Kojima. However, that didn’t last as Hideo Kojima and Konami had parted ways causing the cancellation of Silent Hills. Eventually, Hideo would go on to make his own video game development studio called Kojima Productions which brought out its debut title, Death Stranding. It was a rather unique game that had brought plenty of fans, but now these same fans are wondering just what is next for the studio. 

It looks like Kojima Productions is still hard at work despite the coronavirus health pandemic. A new image has surfaced from Ludvig Forssell, the audio director from Kojima Productions. This image showcases an assemble gathering to record audio and included in the photo is Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately, we don’t know just what the video game will be about yet, but with Hideo Kojima, there’s always the potential to get plenty of new teases and cryptic messages on just what players will be getting from the development studio next.

Source: Comic Book