Cliff Bleszinski Reveals He’s Interested In Developing A Video Game Again

Cliff Bleszinski is quite a legendary developer. He’s been around for years and it’s possible that if you’re not familiar with the Xbox 360 era of gaming, his name may not ring any bells, but it should. This developer is known for a few things but his most well-known video game projects would include the likes of Unreal and Gears of War. It’s been several years now that the developer has been away from the gaming industry, but that may come to a change soon thanks to a social media post he released.

As mentioned, his most known works would be during his time at Epic Games where he helped see the launch of the successful Gears of War franchise. That series is still going on well today even if it’s not under the control of Epic Games anymore. However, it’s been a few years now since he left the industry after attempting his own studio, Boss Key Productions. If you’re unfamiliar with the studio then this production didn’t last very long. After opening up in 2014 the doors closed shut in 2018.

Hey all!Been working through the Boss Key part of my memoir and it's been pretty rough, facing all of the mistakes I…

Posted by Cliff Bleszinski on Monday, October 19, 2020

The studio only saw the release of two games which were LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Neither game performed well and it was the reason this studio came to a quick closure afterward. There are a few reasons that Cliff noted the failure of Boss Key Productions and it’s something that we’ll get more insight on after his memoir releases. Still, after a few years, it looked like Cliff Bleszinski was completely done with the video game industry.

He went on to do other creative ventures such as theater production. However, it looks like there’s an itch to develop a game once again. Now we don’t know anything about the game, but according to a Facebook post, Cliff noted that he has an itch to make a little game. After seeing the success of other smaller indie games blow up, his newfound interest may come in a form of a small video game that doesn’t require a massive budget or a bunch of developers to help bring out into the market. 

“In the meantime I am finding myself actually having a slight itch to scratch to maybe poke around and see about making a little game. I have some ideas kicking around, so we’ll see. I’ve found myself madly in love with smaller games these days, and the success of Fall Guys and Among Us give me hope that not everything needs to be insane AAA that requires crazy crunch that ruins families and mental health on a 100m budget.”

Again, as mentioned, there’s no insight as to what that game might be or just when this project may come out to the public. At any rate, it seems that Cliff’s retirement from the video game industry may come to an end with a potential exciting return to his game developing roots.

Source: Facebook