PlayStation VR Not Compatible With PS5 HD Camera

As you can expect there is a ton of anticipation for the next-generation video game console platforms. We knew that both console platforms would release into the market this year despite the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. Likewise, both companies had made an effort to make the consoles backwards compatible. With the PlayStation 5, you not only are able to enjoy a large collection of PlayStation 4 video game titles without any problems, but you can also enjoy the PlayStation VR headset. It looks like you won’t have any issues playing VR on the PlayStation 5 just so long as you keep all the hardware for the setup.

There may have been some confusion with players expecting the PS5 HD Camera to work on the PlayStation VR headset. That’s not going to be the case. A new FAQ support page update that was caught by Game Informer unveiled that the PSVR will require the same hardware used to enjoy the peripheral on the PlayStation 4. This means that you will need to keep the hardware and connect everything onto the latest upcoming console platform.

This includes not only the headset obviously, but the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation Move controllers, and the PlayStation Camera. We’re not sure why the PlayStation 5 camera won’t work along with the DualSense controller, but it looks like it’s worth keeping that hardware tucked away until you’re ready to make the jump onto the PlayStation 5.

While we have seen several rumors pop up on a new next-generation PlayStation VR headset, it looks like Sony is still committed to supporting the current PlayStation VR headset for at least the foreseeable future. In terms of when you can get the PlayStation 5, the system is set to launch in several markets on November 12, 2020, with other markets following shortly after. However, with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there may be some issues seeing units fully in stock as those who even per-ordered a unit through Amazon has reported the online retailer alerting consumers that their console may not arrive at launch.

Source: Game Informer