Borderlands 3 Confirmed As Launch Title For Next-Gen Platforms

The Borderlands franchise kicked off that looter shooter type of video game genre. There was a massive wave of fans eagerly picking this game up since the first installment and it’s one that’s fully focused around cooperative multiplayer. While the game franchise has been around since 2009, we recently received the third mainline installment in 2019.

Now don’t be thrown off by the title. Yes, this is the third installment, but you can join the game without playing the previous installments. If you’re interested in an FPS filled with all sorts of loot which will better your equipment in this wacky storyline, then you should give the game purchase. There’s a brand new story for players along with new villains and Vault Hunters so newcomers are welcomed into the fold without needing to go back for the past games. 

It’s a game that’s been available for the current-generation Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. Much like other big-name franchises, there is a fan base wondering if the latest installment available will release for next-generation platforms as well. We’re gearing towards the launch of both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 next month. Fortunately, for fans of the Borderlands series, it looks like the game will be available at launch for the next-generation platforms. 

This bit of news came from the official Borderlands Twitter account where the development team confirmed that Borderlands 3 will arrive day-and-date of the next-generation console platforms. Furthermore, if you already own a copy of the game for current-generation platforms, you’ll be able to upgrade the game on next-generation consoles for free.

Source: Twitter