The Medium Release Date Confirmed For December

The Medium throws players into the role of a woman who is tasked with solving a murder. Being a medium, players can not only investigate the world normally but split into the spirit realm giving a new look or a means to gather some clues. It’s a dangerous world and one that will apparently require some power for the next-generation Xbox platform. In the past, the development team has claimed that the studio was unable to get this game to run as intended on current-generation platforms and as a result, this title was pushed for the Xbox Series X and PC platforms.

This game looks to take some inspirations from a few titles like Silent Hill. In fact, legendary Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka is responsible for the music behind The Medium. It’s going to be quite the anticipated video game release and while over the past year we’ve been receiving details about the game. As mentioned, we know this is about a medium and her ability to tap into two different worlds. It’s also going to be a game that requires next-generation power for consoles which means that this is the biggest game the developers had worked on yet.

However, we’re finally given some insight on just when we can get our hands on a copy. While the Xbox Series X is slated to release in November, The Medium won’t make its way out into the marketplace until December. Specifically, fans who are interested in picking the game up can expect the title to release on December 10, 2020, whereas players can go ahead and preorder the title now for the PC platform.

We just have a couple months to go before the latest Bloober Team game will finally be available. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer which showcases the release date. That video will be embedded above and we’ll also supply a game gallery of the title down below.

Source: IGN