Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Drive Price Leaked 

There was a ton of excitement going into 2020 for the video game industry. While none of us expected 2020 to turn into quite the fiasco with this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it seemed that the anticipated release for the next-generation console platforms might not happen. That of course changed when Microsoft and Sony both confirmed that their upcoming consoles would see a release into the market in November of this year. Still, fans should hopefully expect the purchase price for this next-generation console gaming to be a bit more expensive all around.

With any new console platform release, we can expect there to be a bump in price. However, with this next-generation of video game consoles, the bump of price doesn’t just include the console hardware as video game software is also raising $10. The days of $59.99 video game releases are soon going to be behind us with new releases slated to be $69.99. Not to mention that next-generation video game consoles will require a bit of storage space for these games to make use of all the hardware capabilities. 

We’ve already seen this happen for the current-generation platforms as games can take quite a bit of storage. Consumers had to remove games to fit new releases or go out and purchase expansion storage drives just to enjoy their video games. However, with this current-generation of video game console platforms, there was a rather diverse set of drives and manufacturers available to pick from. That’s not going to be the case for the upcoming generation of consoles with Microsoft boasting the NVMe flash memory used to store these games.

While we knew that there was some kind of unique drive storage system for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, we didn’t know just how much these drives would cost. Now a leaked price from a UK retailer has revealed that the 1 TB storage expansion drive would run players about $205. That’s quite a hefty price for a storage drive and it’s likely not going to hold your entire game collection for the Xbox Series X. This could be a console launch that may be tough on your bank accounts. For now, we have to wait for Microsoft to confirm the price points for their expanded storage drives to learn if we’re going to be looking at a $200+ hard drive to further expand our storage space.

Source: Twisted Voxel