The Division 2 Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

Getting access to video games for free especially on the PC has been rather easy lately. There are all sorts of free deals being offered such as Epic Games Store that throws out a free video game or two each week. However, there are also free play weekends that happen to further promote a video game with developers trying to bring in some new players into the mix. It’s a great opportunity for players to test a game out without potentially leaving you in shambles wondering why you spent money on a game you’re just not feeling. 

These free play weekends are pretty self-explanatory as you get to download and enjoy the game fully for a few days. This should give you a chance to dive into the game and really test it out before you decide on actually purchasing the full game which is usually offered at a discount as well during this time period. Likewise, your progress just carries right over onto the full game.

In this case, we’re looking at Ubisoft’s The Division 2 which has had a free play weekend in the past. Those that have enjoyed the game previously during a free play weekend will find that your progress will get carried over so you’ll get another chance to try the game out without having to replay some of those earlier tutorial levels.

The Division 2 takes place just a few months before a year after the events of the first installment. Instead of ridding The United States of America with a disease and terrorism, agents within The Division are forced into battle the government. Much of the nation has been cleared which resulted in the government groups rising and set up strict rules. Now with innocent civilians dealing with uncertain futures, The Division must start a new civil war. Players can get into this free play weekend through Ubisoft Play or Epic Games Store starting today until Monday. 

Source: PC Gamer