Reflector Entertainment Has Been Acquired By Bandai Namco Entertainment 

Quite a few unique games are coming out that have certainly piqued our interests. Even the titles that seemingly are rather cryptic leaving more questions on just what the game will be about such as Capcom’s Pragmata and another little game called Unknown 9 from studio Reflector Entertainment. If you’re not familiar with this game, the title was first showcased during Gamescom as a short little introductory cinematic. However, what we’ve learned since that trailer is just how ambitious this new project will be for the development team.

Unknown 9 doesn’t have a ton of information out right now, but the cinematic trailer released showcased a young girl running away from several bullies that look to harm her. When it seemed that all hope was lost, the little girl emits some kind of supernatural power that saves her and potentially scares away the bullies. However, the trailer cuts, and we’re left waiting to see just when the studio will unleash more details about the game. Now it seems that the development team behind the project has been acquired by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Before the game development studio was acquired, it looked like Reflector Entertainment was hoping to transcend the gaming medium by providing an intertwining storyline. This story would bleed over from video games to films, podcasts, and comic books. Being such a large project, it seems that this move to being purchased by Bandai Namco Entertainment will open up the doors to make this project more of a reality. Speaking with the, Reflector Entertainment CEO Alexandre Amancio spoke highly over the deal.

“Reflector will now benefit from the means and the resources to amplify its homegrown IP on an international scale. Its talented teams are laying the foundations of a fantastic new transmedia universe and will be bringing marvelous experiences to life in the months and years to come.”

It looks like we are still going to need to practice some patience as we wait for the game to make another appearance. Still, if you missed out on the first reveal from Gamescom then you can check out the game trailer featured above.