Nintendo 3DS Reportedly Has Been Discontinued

Nintendo is a massive video game company that’s been around for decades. Over the years, the company has brought out not only iconic home consoles but portable handheld gaming devices as well. Still, just like with every new console, the time will come where production is shut down, and focus is moved onto the latest hardware available. For Nintendo, the time has finally come for the Nintendo 3DS to end its production run. 

Fans have spotted that Nintendo is removing the Nintendo 3DS from its product lineup from the official Nintendo website. For instance, you’ll find that the 3DS was removed from the US Nintendo website, but it’s not all that surprising. The portable gaming device was first announced back in 2010 and now a decade later we’re seeing the handheld gets put to rest with the focus at Nintendo being aimed at the Nintendo Switch.

The 3DS was quite the success as it brought out some great video game titles for fans to enjoy on-the-go while also a unique 3D-like depth effect. There were even several 3DS handhelds to pick from which ranged from the first 3DS release to the 3DS XL, New 3DS, and even a 2DS model. Each attempted to bring out some more enhancements for fans to enjoy whether it was a larger battery or a bit more power to run games. Meanwhile, the 2DS lineup offered players the ability to enjoy 3DS games at a lower cost if they were fine with losing the 3D functionality. 

At any rate, while the 3DS is no longer at the forefront of Nintendo, most fans for the company is focused on the Nintendo Switch. This console hybrid offers the ability to enjoy games at home through a dock or could be enjoyed on-the-go. There’s also a Nintendo Switch Lite version that scraps the ability to dock the console for a smaller price tag. What was your favorite 3DS game and have you since moved on to the Nintendo Switch?

Source: The Verge