Deathloop Trailer Highlights Target Assassinations 

Deathloop is a big upcoming video game release from development studio Arkane. These are the folks that brought out Prey and Dishonored with their latest game being based around an assassin that’s stuck in a time loop. It’s been marketed in a few events before this latest PlayStation 5 stream, but those that are interested in the game may find the latest gameplay trailer of use. Check out the latest footage featured above.

As mentioned, Deathloop is an action-adventure game where players take the role of an assassin named Colt. In this game, players are supposed to track down and take out eight particular targets scattered around the island. However, there is a time loop and after time runs out, players are yanked back into the start of the game all over again. Likewise, if your protagonist happens to die during the game, you’ll once again get tossed back to the starting point all over again. 

It’s a race against the clock and gunning down all kinds of henchmen along the way. There’s even a variety of powers and parkour skills, similar to the Dishonored series that the studio has worked on previously. While players are planning out their attacks and taking out targets, it’s worth noting that there is one assassin on the island that only has to take out a single target, and that’s you. Named Julianna, players are forced into avoiding her as she attempts to gun you down. 

Another interesting point about Julianna is that an opposing player can join into your game as the character to track you down as well which means that you won’t always have to rely on AI to provide some challenge. Deathloop was featured during the latest PlayStation 5 streaming event which occurred earlier today. You can check out the latest trailer for the game above while we wait for the title to hit the marketplace sometime in 2021 for the PC and PlayStation 5.

Source: YouTube