Sony Is Not Dropping Production Numbers For The Anticipated PlayStation 5 

To say 2020 has been an unusual year is a vast understatement. We’re dealing with so many issues around the world that have caused a big change in our daily lives. One of the biggest that is causing a major play in how we go about our daily lives around the entire world is this coronavirus. The massive health pandemic outbreak has closed schools, shut down jobs, relocated workers to handling their jobs remotely, along with forcing individuals away from socially gathering. It was, and still is, a big ordeal. 

While we were all huddled inside keeping away from others, entertainment media took a massive spike with newcomers interested in the medium. Let’s face it there were a lot of reasons why consumers wanted to enjoy some video games. We’re all staying at home, new hobbies, and for those working remotely, offering a new video game console allowed kids within the home some fun while the parents could continue working at a somewhat normal state. Still, this massive spike of interest played a major role in the markets. 

There were few and far between retailers that had video game consoles, video games, and peripherals in stock. As soon as some consoles hit the marketplace, resellers were quick to poach them in order to make a big flip online. This ultimately resulted in manufacturers having to get production going again, but in some cases, these factories were not even running due to the coronavirus health pandemic. Now that some areas are starting to get things back in order, there are some consumers wondering just what the future may hold for the next-generation platforms.

We knew that both Sony and Microsoft hand plans to bring out their next-generation platforms, but rumors were circulating online that Sony was going to find it difficult to bring out consoles into the marketplace. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company was having issues with chips and it was going to result in Sony cutting the number of units planned originally for the marketplace launch. Sony has since come out to clear the air with a statement to

According to the statement, these rumors are completely false and Sony has not changed the number of units planned for the PlayStation 5 since the mass production started. Still, just how many units there will ultimately be when the console hits the marketplace is something we’ll have to wait and see. Likewise, we don’t even know how much the console will cost or when it will launch. We’re supposed to get a new stream later today for the PlayStation 5 where most of us are expecting a release date and price point.