Vehicles Are Now Back In Call of Duty: Warzone

The battle royale video game genre is killing it right now. Fans are thoroughly enjoying these massive online multiplayer titles that pin teams or everyone against each other with the main focus of being the last man standing. It’s a genre that’s also seeing an influx of new video games into the marketplace and not all of these games tend to make it long after. Instead, there’s quite a few that seemingly get dropped and left with developers having to pull the plug. However, the few that do stand and survive require quite a bit of ongoing work from the development studio.

Call of Duty has the brand recognition to really pull in numbers so when Call of Duty: Warzone was unveiled as a standalone free-to-play battle royale video game experience, fans quickly tried the title out. It’s a game that’s proven to be popular and it’s allowed the IP to continue on with newcomers and veterans constantly logging in regularly. With such a big map and a massive fan base, there is quite a bit of an issue that will get presented rather quickly for the developers to make note of. For instance, it wasn’t long ago that fans discovered a glitch that would end the match for everyone.

Apparently, through the use of a vehicle, players could drive through a certain out of bounds area and it would crash the server. Everyone would have to start a new game and as you can imagine, this discovery left quite a few trolls into glitching the game for everyone. A quick fix for the developers at the time was to simply remove all the vehicles from the map. It’s a fix but not one practical for the studio to rely on forever. 

Fortunately, it was a fix that didn’t need too much time to clear up as the latest patch update that went out has brought all the vehicles back into the game. It’s likely something that fans are enjoying again in order to traverse the map quickly. Likewise, there’s no longer any fear that a player could end the match for everyone if they so choose to do so. Still, because this battle royale game is rather popular, we’re likely going to see more glitches to be fixed when new content is added into the gameplay mix. 

Source: Twitter