Fans Still Discovering Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

Before we dive into this story, I want to give a heads up that there will be some campaign spoilers. This is still a fairly new game and if you haven’t played through the title fully then you will find some major spoilers ahead. With that said, there are some discoveries still being made in Rockstar Games’ latest video game release, Red Dead Redemption 2. In fact, this latest discovery being showcased online has fans wondering just what happened.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive video game and its full of secrets. Rockstar Games really rewards players for going off the beaten path as you’ll find all kinds of interesting locations, characters, and goods. However, the game is so full of content in a massive map that it’s tough to really pinpoint just everything and there’s always the possibility that this secret was already discovered. Still, this has plenty of players talking online about what events may have happened.

At the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, you find that Micah was responsible for all the leaked information on the gang. This once brother of the gang turned his back on everyone and there’s a price that needs to be paid. Plenty of your friends died along the way because of this man and to get your revenge, players travel to his last hiding spot, deep within the winter tundra on a seemingly abandoned mountain. It’s here that you get your last stand with Micah and fight to the death. Of course, most likely players venture off afterward, but if you stick around or go back to revisit the area, you may be surprised to see what’s inside the outhouse.

Frozen body in the toilet on Mount Hagen at Micah’s hideout. from r/RDR2

Now you can’t open the outhouse but the wooden slabs are broken enough to make out that there is a dead man holding onto a crutch. Dead and frozen stiff, there’s plenty of speculation going around online on just who this person may be. The face is not visible so some are assuming a random NPC rather than a character we met within the game. Others are wondering how he died such as if Micah had anything to do with it. For now, there are no details confirming just what happened at this mountainside before we turned up. 

Are you still finding new secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2? There’s certainly enough scattered around the map and best of all, the game is available to enjoy right now. Players can pick up a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. Of course, the ending was just spoiled for you, but there’s still plenty of other content well worth investing your time in.

Source: Reddit