You May Find Your Favorite WWE Streamers Leaving Their Online Presence

There’s a massive worldwide pandemic going on right now and as a result of this nasty coronavirus issue, most of us have taken to new hobbies. Spending more time at home can give you the chance to dive into something new and fun. For some workers that are essentially laid off for a longer duration of time, there may be some incentives to further bring in some funds. In fact, streaming, in particular, for a lot of consumers has become a popular outlet.

We’ve seen both newcomers and veterans work on streaming to not only connect with friends but create a sense of community. Likewise, this outlet can provide some financial gain as viewers can opt to pay a monthly subscription to unlock certain content or simply donate towards the streamer. This is one avenue that we’ve seen some beloved WWE wrestlers take up with as well. Naturally, with the entertainment sport medium not being able to provide a full service with fans in arenas along with featuring their favorite stars performing, we’re instead witnessing fewer wrestlers showcase during TV only events. 

Naturally, for these big personalities, using third-party sources to connect with fans and bring in some funds was what WWE started to take notice with in their roster. From video game streams, Cameo appearances, and YouTube video uploads, fans could not only get more of their favorite entertainers, but could connect with them, and in return, these wrestlers receive some money for their work. It was a win-win situation, or at least that’s what the wrestlers likely had thought until a recent mandate from WWE went out. 

It looks like the WWE company has issued a new mandate that orders all WWE wrestlers to remove their presence from the various third-party sources that are not directly connected with the WWE. This means that your favorite wrestlers that could be streaming content such as video games on Twitch may disappear. If the wrestlers do not follow their orders then there could be fines to even contract terminations. While some wrestlers may go along with the new rules, others have spoken out. 

WWE may be struggling to keep tight control over their roster. Being that these wrestlers are reportedly contracted freelance employees, there is very little backing or unionizing the personalities could rely on. Only time will tell if we’ll see some of these iconic personalities leave their online presence, but for now, it does seem that a few will be fighting back. One particular individual, a female wrestler that goes by the name Paige, has taken to Twitch in order to stream video games and talk with her fan base. The only change she has made on her Twitch channel was the removal of WWE references. 

Source: Awful Announcing