Rockstar Deletes Accounts Caught Using GTA Online Money Glitch

Rockstar is known for some pretty big video game franchises however, the largest is arguably Grand Theft Auto. This franchise has been around for years and each installment tends to outdo the last with more content, bigger map, and an overall larger crowd of players. The most recent release is Grand Theft Auto V and while fans likely have all played the campaign by now, the reason this IP has continued to stay relevant long after its release in 2013 is the fact of its online multiplayer component.

We’re not very far off from this game being ten years old. In fact, most would assume by now we would be looking at announcements regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 successor. But, Grand Theft Auto Online took on a life of its own. This online component brings players together in this massive open-world map along with the ability to complete online-only missions and side games as well. Likewise, it’s proven to be a big moneymaker for Rockstar so the incentive for the developers to support this game is still there.

With that said, the video game is still susceptible to getting cheaters along with modders on a regular basis. Players who tweak the system to buff their accounts is nothing new for video games. However, there is usually a support team looking out for players to ensure that there is an even playing ground. Those caught cheating are usually timed out with content removed that was obtained by means outside of the boundaries that developers placed. On rare occasions, these accounts can even be banned leaving players without access to the game with their original account setup.

Grand Theft Auto Online recently had a pretty big online glitch that was going around. Players were able to find a way to obtain money fast by glitching out property purchases. This left players with a large bank account. In the past, Rockstar would seek these accounts out and remove the funds that they obtained. Now it looks like Rockstar is stepping things up by completely wiping out accounts that were found to be using the glitch technique.

This would mean that when a player who had used the glitch logged online, they would find that all of their content was removed and they would have to start all the way over again. It’s something that fans have quickly complained about online, but it looks like this is just one punishment that Rockstar is hoping will sway other players from cheating the system.

Source: PC Gamer