Hitman 3 The Thornbridge Mystery Detailed in New Trailer

IO Interactive has announced the latest mission for their third installment in the rebooted franchise, Hitman 3.

The second mission, which is titled The Thornbridge Mystery, will take place in England’s Thornbridge Manor. The new trailer teases what’s to come in the mission as there seems to be a classic ‘whodunnit‘ mystery afoot. The trailer is relatively short only clocking in at minute and a half long but does a good job intriguing the viewer of what’s to come. In addition, IO Interactive detailed some of the mission’s unique elements such as the “murder mystery” mechanic.

Check out the latest trailer for Hitman 3 down below:

IO Interactive on The Thornbridge Mystery down below:

HITMAN 3’s second mission location takes you to a historical part of England known for its grassy meadows, rocky hilltops, winding rivers and dense wetlands. Dartmoor also has a reputation for myths, legends and mysteries – and Thornbridge Manor lives up to that!

The Thornbridge Mystery trailer focuses on just one of the Mission Stories available to players in Dartmoor. Besides playing detective and piecing the mystery together, you’ll have full freedom to explore and create your own plans. Today, we’re focusing on the ‘murder mystery’ element of the mission because it’s unique and something we’ve always thought about doing ‘one day’.

We’ve even talked about HITMAN games as a ‘reverse murder mystery’ in the past. Typically, a murder mystery tasks you with figuring out how someone has died, whereas in Hitman, you need to figure out how to kill someone. In HITMAN 3’s Dartmoor location, those worlds collide as you can take on the role of detective to solve a murder and eliminate your target. Two birds, one disguise.

Hitman 3 is set to release in early January 2021 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Are you excited for Hitman 3? Think the Thornbridge Mystery will be good? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube , IO Interactive