Multiplayer Gameplay Gets Assassinated In Hitman 3

There is a big market for the video game stealth genre. Fans really take to the notion of having to carefully avoid attention and take out any target required. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t always changes being made to these respected popular stealth game franchises. For the Hitman series, it looks like the days of multiplayer support is behind us. Today, we’re finding out that Hitman 3 will be losing out on multiplayer in favor of a more focused single-player content. 

IO Interactive has been working on a Hitman trilogy for several years now and we’re getting ready to welcome the third installment into the market. However, there are going to be some fans a bit disappointed over the fact that there is not going to be any multiplayer support. Instead of multiplayer, there is more focus on providing gamers with a more immersive experience. While the game will retain the same overall third-person gameplay mechanic that we are used to seeing in this franchise, we may find another compelling way to enjoy the title.

Hitman 3 will receive a PSVR support system which means that gamers can really feel like they are diving into the Hitman universe. This likely was the result of cutting out multiplayer gameplay which not only may hurt some sales for the upcoming installment, but also keep players from jumping onto the currently supported installment, Hitman 2.

Multiplayer support will be coming to an end on Hitman 2 later this year and that means those of you who want to enjoy this game with friends should make the best of it while you can. We’re not sure just what Hitman 3 will provide players that are more gravitated to multiplayer gameplay but there is plenty of time for the development team to showcase the title off. Currently, Hitman 3 doesn’t hit the marketplace until 2021 for current and next-generation platforms along with PC. 

Source: IO Interactive