McFarlane Toys Announce 12-Inch Geralt Figure; Pre-Orders Go Live Mid-October

McFarlane Toys and CD Projekt RED have announced an epic new figure that will have Witcher fans going crazy! A brand new Geralt of Rivia 12-inch figure has been officially announced.

Set to release sometime later this year, the figure will stand 12-inches tall and will showcase the White Wolf in his signature Kaer Morhen armor. The amount of detail, which can bee seen in the images down below, is absolutely stunning. The iconic two swords, the leather, chainmail armor, and a sackful of decapitated monster heads all look awesome!

Check out the official announcement from The Witcher down below:

The figure is without a release date, however, fans who want to snag a copy early can pre-order theirs in mid-October. The Geralt figure will retail for about $40.00 USD. CD Projekt RED has been getting into the figure line as we have already seen some statues/figures for their upcoming RPG title — Cyberpunk 2077. Perhaps we will see more merchandise come out from the Witcher franchise as time passes.

Check out a detailed closeup of the figure down below:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now currently available on all platforms. Are you a Witcher fan? Planning on picking up this epic figure? Let us know in the comments below!

source: IGN, Twitter