Jurassic World Comes to Minecraft in Latest DLC Pack

Jurassic World will be coming to Minecraft in the game’s latest DLC Pack trailer.

Check out the new trailer:

The Park is open! Manage the dinosaur resort of your dreams – in Minecraft! Craft and train dinosaurs, build awesome exhibits, and go on exciting expeditions. How long can you keep the Park running smoothly

The new trailer listed above showcases the iconic Jurassic World in one of the most popular games, Minecraft. Players will be challenged with breeding Dinosaurs, running the park systems, and much more in this all-new pack. The new trailer packs a deep nostalgia punch as players will hear the iconic score behind all of the films. The question is; how long can you keep the park running smoothly? The best part of it all is players will not have to wait much longer as the DLC arrives today.

Jurassic World DLC is out now in Minecraft. Learn more about the DLC pack right here at the official Minecraft website.

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Source: Xbox Youtube