Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch 1.11 Could Add Multiple Apartments and Garages

Rockstar's next Grand Theft Auto 5 update could see the addition of multiple apartments and garages to the game. 

According to an image posted on Imgur via Reddit, it seems that players will be able to unlock several properties when the update goes live. The patch changes the quick GPS location from 'Home' to the name of the property suggesting you'll be able to have more than one.

It also looks like you'll need to use the printer found in the heists planning room for some upcoming jobs if this post on GTAforums is to be believed. 

New texts added to 1.10 update file for heists note: 

"At the printer, press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details. Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details. Start Heist"

Tournaments will also be coming as part of the update:

"Tournament Qualification Playlist You successfully recorded a total time of ~a~. All players that qualify for the Tournament will be contacted by Rockstar once the qualification period is over. You've joined a Tournament Qualification Playlist in progress. Scores from this attempt will not be submitted. Are you sure you want to start this Tournament Playlist?

There will also be five new horns, new gestures, new green and purple tire smoke, and plenty of new cars such as the Jester, Turismo R, and the Alpha. The new actions will include Knuckle Crunch, Air Thrusting, and Dock.