The Last of Us Part 2 Permadeath Coming This Week

This quite a big year for the video game industry. We’ve seen some incredible new IPs, remakes, reboots, and even sequels hit the marketplace. Of course, one of the most anticipated Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives came out this year which was the follow up to the highly successful and anticipated release of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. After the game released back in 2013 on the PlayStation 3, it wasn’t long after that we received a remastered edition for the PlayStation 4.

Now in 2020, we got a sequel that offered players another chance to dive back into the world of The Last of Us featuring Ellie and Joel. We’ll of course refrain from spoiling anything here, but in The Last of Us Part 2, players take on the role of Ellie a few years after the events of the first game. In this game, it looks like Ellie is on another big journey after a tragic event sends her into a revenge plot. Filled with rage, the infected are clearly not the only dangerous element when heading outside the comfort and safety behind walls. 

Still, this game has become such a massive hit that fans are eager to revisit it shortly after completing the campaign. Trophy hunters also received some incentive in replaying The Last of Us Part 2. Two new trophies were added to the game which has players going through the game in hopes of unlocking Grounded and the Permadeath options enabled. For those of you who unfamiliar with Grounded, this is a new difficult game mode that puts players at a greater disadvantage. Enemies are strong and resources are scarce in this game mode, which means only the most hardened players may be up for the challenge.

Meanwhile, the Permadeath option is also a difficulty spike players will need to worry about. While this feature can be enabled in any game mode difficulty, there’s the constant worry that a single death could send you right back to the beginning of the game. To make things even more challenging, this game is quite lengthy to go through which means that there are some big risks of having to lose all that progress by making one mistake. 

At any rate, those two modes are slated to release on August 13, 2020, which is this Thursday. Players that are interested in picking up The Last of Us Part 2 can also do so right now. In fact, we have a Before You Buy episode covering our overall thoughts on the title which you can view right down below.

Source: IGN