Fortnite Will Have Cars Starting Tomorrow

Fortnite has been such a massive success that you can really give it one of the main reasons why the battle royale game genre is as popular as it’s ever been right now. The franchise helped spawn so many other iconic battle royale games into the market that it’s sometimes hard to find the gems among the influx of titles being throw out for players. As a result, some may find themselves sticking with Fortnite and enjoying the new content developers bring in.

There’s quite a lot to enjoy about Fortnite. It’s an addicting game enjoyed by all ages and while there are some who may find battle royales to not be all that fun, there’s some enjoyment just for all the events that happen within the game. For instance, Fortnite adds several crossover events to help promote different movies or shows. These can be anything from content featured right on the map or custom skins that could be unlocked. 

One of the latest additions to the game was a mode that doesn’t feature battling between players. It’s all about relaxing and hanging out with friends. There are even events that happen such as a movie screening where players can join in and watch a special in-game screening of different iconic films like Inception. At any rate, there is another big game update that is coming to Fortnite that should add for more fun when competing or even traversing around the area.

It’s been confirmed that cars will be coming out in Fortnite starting on August 5. This will be called the Joy Ride Update which will offer different driving cars. So far there’s just one image showcased from the official Fortnite Twitter account which is a blue sports car with red stripes but we should see other vehicles as well. In the past, there was a data mine leak that suggested we’ll see sedans to semi-trucks featured for players to drive in and run down different players.

Source: Twitter