Microsoft Store Gets An Overhaul For Xbox One

Xbox One owners will soon see a change to the Microsoft Store and it’s going to be a big one. This new UI is promised to deliver in several different areas, although there’s no telling just if this is the same UI we can expect on the next-generation platform release from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X. Still, this is a welcomed update as it looks like there will be a few notable changes that fans have requested.

The UI is not only visually different, but it’s set up in a way that will help make navigating and receiving results even faster. According to the blog post on the official Xbox website, it seems that players should find the Microsoft Store to be twice as fast as before with the storefront being able to open up in just two seconds. There’s also an emphasis on allowing more content to be viewed without having to navigate around the storefront. 

For instance, different game trailers can be viewed on the storefront rather than having to open up the entire game page listing. However, finding the content you want should be easier around this time so if you’re seeking out a particular game, movie, or app. Overall, there shouldn’t be any issue quickly jumping onto different particular pages.

Wish lists have also been overhauled where Microsoft can alert you if a game in your wish list has gone on sale. Another big component that Microsoft went over is making this UI safer for parents who have children that also have access to the Xbox One platform. This way the storefront will only showcase content that the parent deems appropriate for their child.

Currently, Microsoft has plans to bring this UI out to certain Xbox Insiders on August 5, 2020. With that said, all other Xbox One owners will receive the UI storefront update this fall. As mentioned earlier, we’re not sure if this is the same UI that will be used for the Xbox Series X platform or not.

Source: Xbox