Gabe Newell Feels Xbox Series X Outperforms PlayStation 5

There is always a war raging on when it comes to which console platform is better than the competitor. It’s not really easy to rank the consoles coming out just yet as there are so many deciding factors for gamers out there. If you purely take into consideration the components that power the consoles then it would be that the Xbox Series X will always outrank the PlayStation5. In fact, that may be the only deciding factor Gabe Newell is taking to factor in his decision on the next-generation competition. 

Recently, Gabe Newell, the head of Valve and owner of Steam spoke with The Project. During the conversation, the industry veteran spoke about the next-generation platforms coming out from both Sony and Microsoft. According to Gabe, if he had to pick one right now, it would be the Xbox Series X. When pressed on why Gabe simply stated that because the console is just better.

We’re not sure if this industry veteran has played both consoles or if he’s just going over the power each platform offers. Gabe admitted that he doesn’t have a stake in this race as Valve does most of their game development for personal computers. As a result, asking other veterans about which console is better may prove to offer more competitive standpoints. 

While Microsoft has some massive power backing the Xbox Series X, there is likely plenty of unique features to help set the PlayStation 5 apart from the competition. Furthermore, there is always a discussion on video game titles offered. There are a ton of great IPs that are exclusive to Sony and it may be a massive deciding factor for gamers when they go to make their purchase for the next-generation platform. At any rate, it’s clear that both console platforms likely have more details to be unveiled to the masses.

Source: VG247