Leak Image Suggests PS5 Features Customize Plate Options

Going into 2020 we knew that this was going to be a big year for the video game industry. It was the year that both Sony and Microsoft had planned to release their next-generation video game console platform. While the year started a bit strong with anticipation, there were more than a few obstacles that everyone had to endure. With the health pandemic outbreak that was caused by the coronavirus, both Sony and Microsoft had to rethink their strategy to market the next-generation platforms.

Rather than having an in-person event, we’ve seen several expos and conferences transform into online streaming presentations. That’s how we got the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 in particular and while we didn’t get too many details about the system in terms of features, we know what it looks like. It’s actually a pretty big console for players to display, however, there has been some vocal disdain over the design. From the way it’s shaped to the color choices made, you can’t really please everyone, but there may be a way around this.

A new leaked image has surfaced showcasing plates for the PlayStation 5. It looks like this console may feature a way to swap out shells to give your PlayStation 5 a unique look. Think of this as the faceplates we would see on the Xbox 360 which featured different video game themed designs that could be purchased and swapped out. Although the plates were not a big seller, it was a unique feature that Sony may be interested in adapting for their upcoming console.

We’re uncertain at this point if this is an official image of the PlayStation 5 plates or if this means that we would see custom plates that will be available for purchase. It would likely make for some unique designs and collectors console edition models could be mimicked. At any rate, we’re still waiting to hear more about the PlayStation 5 such as the unique features it has over the PlayStation 4 when it will release into the market and furthermore, how much a unit will set players back.

Source: Resetera