Forza Motorsport Officially Announced, New Debut Trailer Released

Microsoft has been off to a hot start when it comes to their direct-like livestream event — Xbox Games Showcase 2020. Following up the epic look into Halo: Infinite, Microsoft teased another epic franchise — Forza.

Yes, Microsoft has announced its latest entry in the long-running franchise; and it is officially titled as Forza Motorsport. The debut announcement trailer was captured entirely with an Xbox Series X, and the graphics are out of this world. The photorealistic cars, engine sounds, and tracks will definitely be something you never seen before, so expect a good time with this racing game.

Check out the official announcement trailer for Forza Motorsport down below:

Witness the power of Xbox Series X through Forza Motorsport. Automotive entertainment is reimagined for a new generation.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcases 2020, is filled with some awesome announcements and the show is still ongoing. We’ve seen an extensive look at the highly anticipated shooter — Halo: Infinite, a tease for State of Decay 3, and much more. Make sure to catch up on the latest Xbox news right here!

What has been your favorite announcement of the show so far? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube