Star Wars: The Old Republic Now Available Through Steam

There is a lot of talk about Star Wars games. With the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the upcoming launch of Star Wars Squadrons, there’s plenty of content for fans to enjoy. However, you may forget that there is another actively supported video game still available to enjoy today and that’s Star Wars: The Old Republic

The video game MMORPG released back in 2011 which was developed by BioWare and published through Electronic Arts. For years the game was available for free and it allowed players to dive into an earlier era of Star Wars while crafting a character that would appeal towards your interests. While the game has been enjoyed by fans all over the world, it’s now available for fans to download and enjoy through the Valve Steam digital marketplace. EA has been adding more of its video game library on the digital marketplace and this just happens to be one of the latest to see a release on the platform.

As mentioned, this MMORPG has been around since 2011, and that ultimately means that there is plenty of content potentially available for players to go through. We say potentially as this is a free-to-play hybrid MMORPG. Overall, the main story is available for free, but it also comes with some limitations. You have the likes of a level cap and restrictions from expansions. That could be removed if you opt to pay a small fee.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those games where you can pay a one time fee to enjoy the content. Instead, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $15 to remove the level cap and also gain access to all the expansions available. Still, it’s worth the download for players to try as you can at the very least go through the game story and see if maybe paying the monthly fee is justified. 

Source: Steam