Scrapped Sucker Punch Game Pitch Surfaces Online

It’s common for video game development studios to experiment with different ideas a bit before settling on a project to continue with. These concepts usually are left in the cutting room, never to be seen within the public, but that’s not always the case as there have been incidents where footage surfaces online for the general public to watch. It wasn’t long ago that we got footage of a scrapped Lord of the Rings concept that was showcased by Traveller’s Tale. Now new leaked footage has come up from Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch has brought out several IPs under Sony. These are the developers responsible for the Sly Cooper, Infamous, and most recently, the Ghost of Tsushima franchise. However, after wrapping up on Infamous, some concepts were being tested out internally to see just what project would take off and get released into the market. Before there was Ghost of Tsushima, there were a few ideas one of which was called Prophecy. This particular concept was the first to find its way online where it quickly spread around the web for gamers to watch.

There are only about ten minutes of gameplay footage showcased and obviously, it’s not a full idea so some of the fine details are lost here. But, with that said, it does look like players take the role of a man named Abel Tvorah in a fantasy medieval setting. It appears Abel is a wanted man in the region but his quest presses on through melee combat. It does appear that some of the aesthetics from this game inspired the creation of Ghost of Tsushima so while the development team didn’t opt to continue on with this concept, they did tap into some of the designs and gameplay for their latest release.

While you can find footage online of Prophecy, its a game that’s quickly being removed online. What we’re trying to say here is don’t expect the same link to view the content to work very long. As a result, we don’t have footage to freely showcase the game. At any rate, if you did catch the footage, what do you think of Prophecy?

Source: SP1ST