PlayStation 5 Launch May Be Limited To 1 Per Customer

When going into 2020 we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to release their next-generation video game console platform into the market. Of course, things got shifted around a bit thanks to the health pandemic outbreak that is the coronavirus. Still, it doesn’t look like the virus is going to slow down Sony or Microsoft from releasing their console later this holiday season. However, a new leak may have indicated that when Sony at least launches their console, it’s going to have restriction in how many a customer can purchase.

Right now there is no official word on just when the PlayStation 5 console will launch into the market. There’s been no word on its release date outside of a holiday 2020 launch. Likewise, we’re still wondering just how much this new console will come out with. With that said, there are two models available which is a disc and digital-only version, so we imagine that there will be a slight saving to those that want a digital-only version of the PlayStation 5. Still, just how much and when it will hit the market will remain a mystery for now.

With that said, a new discovery has come up online that suggests when Sony launches it’s PlayStation 5, it will be limited to one per customer. This news comes from Resetera where apparently, a user managed to find an error message when using the Sony website’s JavaScript. This message indicates that a customer can only purchase one version of the PlayStation 5 console. 

Overall, this may persuade some resellers from grabbing up all the consoles to flip for a higher price online. Additionally, this may be in preparation that we may have another quarantine lockdown situation across the globe if the coronavirus wave hits again. If that’s the case, getting consoles into customers hands may be a bit easier with the limitations when it comes to how many units a consumer can purchase. This may also explain the boost in production rumors that have come out suggesting that Sony has greatly increased the number of units manufactured for the PlayStation 5. 

Source: Resetera