Rumor: Is Blizzard Charging $ 60 For A Level 90 Upgrade On World Of Warcraft?

As verified by several sites independently, Blizzard’s US servers briefly outed surprising new information regarding the level 90 World of Warcraft upgrade the company alluded to a few weeks ago. It seems the upgrade is a flat transaction of $ 60.

The revelation came about because of Patch 5.4.7. World of Warcraft’s servers went down for maintenance prior to the patch, and after coming back up, players were able to access and check out the new in-game store, that apparently was not supposed to go live yet.

Like mentioned above, the level 90 upgrade was alluded to by Blizzard in a blog post from January, where they also announced the new Warlord of Draenor expansion. They promised players who pre-purchased the expansion that they would get the upgrade as part of the purchase. In this way, everyone coming in would be at an even keel to face the challenges Draenor was to provide.

Of course, the revelation came under a lot of scrutiny and speculation. There are some who believe the amount seen may be a placeholder, although I would point out that would not even matter since Blizzard is likely to change the price if players clamored for it. Others believe it is a move meant to shut out 3rd party cheat creators, who have been making upgrade tools until now.

Whatever the case, Blizzard has yet to comment on the reveal, perhaps partly to gauge fan reaction. It seems to be a steep price for newcomers, although I suppose one could also say it’s a built-in reward for loyal longtime players. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us below.