PlayStation Plant Makes Consoles In Just 30 Seconds

It’s no secret that plants are using robots more and more these days. We’re getting to the point where human employees are no longer required to assemble certain parts of machinery. In some cases, these robots making things more efficient and certainly faster, but in other cases, you are talking about a job being lost to something that relied on the income. We won’t get political, but it’s incredibly fascinating to hear about a plant in Japan that is mainly all robotic. 

Very few human workers are on the line when it comes to the plant manufacturing video game consoles. Instead, these robots made by Mitsubishi Electric, make it to where each is programmed to do a very specific task. This results in things getting completed not only precisely but insanely fast. A new report from Nikkei Asian Review has alerted readers that the plant could turn out a new console every thirty seconds. 

We’re not sure what the time frame was before this plant was established back in 2018, but it seems that getting consoles manufactured is not going to be a problem. Of course, some issues may prove to be problematic over time. For instance, the plant will have to rely on certain parts getting to the plant on time likewise, there is the worry about a robot malfunctioning which would seemingly stop the entire plant in its tracks. 

With that said, the plan to make consoles easy for manufacturing was something that Sony has always kept in mind. The report goes on to say that the original PlayStation was crafted up to be easily assembled for mass production. This plant will likely play a key role in making units for the next-generation platform, the PlayStation 5, and we’re sure that this will leave some to wonder just how Microsoft’s plant operates in comparison. For now, we can at least know that these consoles were manufactured correctly with each unit being assembled up a line of robotic arms. 

Source: Nikkei