Players Cannot Adjust Protagonist Vocal Tone In Cyberpunk 2077

Easily one of the most anticipated video game titles releasing this year is Cyberpunk 2077. The video game is coming out from CD Projekt Red who got their fame after the success of The Witcher trilogy. Now we have a new exciting RPG to dive into and its already made a ton of attention online with gamers itching to get their hands on a copy. While the game will feature plenty of content and customization options, it looks like there is one area that players won’t have the ability to tweak when it comes to their character V.

Cyberpunk 2077 follows V a mercenary in Night City. With the area thriving with crime and big corporation greed, the need for a highly-skilled mercenary is necessary to get by. As a result, V is a character that will be working with or against several factions throughout your journey. We’re still finding tidbits of information about this game. It wasn’t long ago that we got the announcement of just how mature this game would be as it looks like CD Projekt Red won’t be pulling any punches. After all, you are able to tweak the genital region of your character so that should tell you something right there.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is an option to tweak the vocal tone of V. One Twitter user direct messaged the official Cyberpunk 2077 account and asked if there would be the ability to pitch shift the vocals to make your character sound a particular way. The direct reply confirmed that it won’t be an option so you’ll have to live with the way V sounds in the game whether you play as a female or male.

In other news, Cyberpunk 2077 was recently delayed. Instead of coming out this September, the development team had decided to push the game back until November of this year. While the game is completely finished, the extra allotted time would give developers the ability to further polish the title.

Source: Reddit