Mortal Kombat 11’s Latest Trailer Focuses on Scorpion’s Movesets, Abilities, and More

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NeatheRealm Studios has released a new trailer that focuses on the iconic character, Scorpion.

“Get over here with Mortal Kombat veterans Ketchup and Mustard to learn Scorpion tips and tricks ranging from bread and butters to basic combos for beginners.”

The new trailer as mentioned above breaks down one of the game’s most memorable characters, Scorpion. Players and fans of this series will find a ton of helpful tips and tricks including the useful techniques on how to use this character. Players will be met with a ton of information when it comes to the character including a bit of backstory and tips for when it comes to using Scorpion against other fighters. This character is very versatile when it comes to matches due to Scorpion’s useful ability to teleport. This will help players gain an advantage when it comes to competitive matches.

The new trailer will be useful for those who are veterans and newcomers as it will break down the character’s complex abilities.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is out now and will include all of the game’s past DLC packs.

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Source: PlayStation Youtube