Sony Offering $50,000 For PlayStation 4 Exploits

With each new console release to even video game software, there is some type of protection to ensure that their IP is secure from outside sources. With coding along with digital protection, it’s been a cat and mouse type of game for hackers attempting to find a way to break into the source code. There are always hackers attempting to find a way to tweak the hardware or provide video games free from DRM, but Sony is hoping to persuade hackers to avoid spoiling their work by providing a payday. 

In the past, Sony has had a bug bounty program available for certain companies, but we’re finding out that the program is being opened up for everyone. The general public that is knowledgeable in the exploits of hardware can find that the company is willing to pay $50,000 for some critical vulnerabilities found for the PlayStation 4. Of course, we’re wondering if this program will be opened up for the public when the PlayStation 5 launches this holiday season.

At any rate, the PlayStation 4 has been pretty locked up from those that could find exploits. In fact, the last big exploit the console platform had was several firmware updates ago with most modern titles safe from being available for players to enjoy for free. However, these exploits can range from a wide variety of areas. While most think of video games being available for free as the main exploit for video game consoles, there are other areas such as users gaining access to Sony’s servers and obtaining sensitive information. 

For now, it looks like the hunt is on to find exploits and get paid for delivering the news to Sony. For a full breakdown on how to submit found exploits, you can go to HackerOne page right here where you can see how many users have found and claimed bounties. 

Source: PlayStation Blog