Oculus Go To Be Discontinued

There had been a big movement this generation of platforms when it came to VR. With companies like Oculus, Valve, and even Sony, offering a means for consumers to enjoy this cutting-edge technology, it’s not only a fun entertainment experience at home but one that can cost a pretty penny. That’s where smaller VR headsets come into play where it’s powered through the use of smartphones or devices built specifically to showcase VR. Of course, one of those popular standalone devices is the Oculus Go.

This VR device was all-in-one which means that you didn’t require a smartphone that could run VR applications nor did you need a computer that could power the device and run video game content. Instead, it offered a bit more power than a standard smartphone VR device but couldn’t compete with the likes of the standard Oculus or HTC Vive. In that regard, it was a great starter VR device to see if the platform was something that may have interested you a bit more and made sense to purchase the necessary equipment.

Now it looks like Oculus Go will be discontinued after two years of being available in the market. Oculus made the announcement that the Oculus Go would be discontinued by the end of this year and from there no new applications would be able to be submitted for the device. Likewise, you would also find that the applications currently available will not be able to receive further updates.

Instead, the device will receive support through 2022 and from there it will be considered an unsupported VR headset. It will be interesting to see if any other company decided to enter the market and provide users with a VR headset that will be able to fill this void. For now, it looks like those that have found this device interesting and wish to continue using VR may want to look at the Oculus or Oculus Quest as their next purchase.

Source: Oculus