Rocksteady Reportedly Developing Suicide Squad Game

The development team behind the Batman Arkham trilogy has been actively under a microscope with the fandom community. For years now there’s been constant speculation pieces going up online on just what the studio would be working on next. It’s been five years since the last release from the development studio and it looks like we can expect the game to be unveiled from the development team to be one also based in the DC Comics universe. After a report has gone up today by Eurogamer, if the publication is correct then this studio is actively developing a Suicide Squad video game.

After its success with the Batman IP, it’s not surprising to see the studio get access to Suicide Squad although the biggest hint at this being the IP for the development studio comes from domain registrations. This past weekend it looks like there were some game domain website discoveries from a company that is connected with Warner Bros. These websites included,, and It seems that the Gotham Knights title is an upcoming video game being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal and Eurogamer reports that both titles will be unveiled during the upcoming DC Fandome event in August. 

Both titles are likely coming for the next-generation platforms and we’re sure that the Suicide Squad video game will be a bit further out in terms of its release. There’s plenty of backlog to swift through with the Suicide Squad comic series although we’re sure that most are likely to be familiar with the cinematic movie that released back in 2016. 

For now, it looks like it’s a waiting game on just when the game will be confirmed, but the chances are we’ll get our first look at the game and possibly some information on what the premise will be during the August DC Fandome event. What do you think of a Suicide Squad video game being developed by Rocksteady?

Source: Eurogamer