Horizon Forbidden West Will Have New Locations, Machines, Tribes, And More!

A new developer video has gone out from the official PlayStation YouTube channel that gives players a bit more insight into Horizon Forbidden West. After the success Guerrilla Games had with Horizon Zero Dawn, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that a new installment would be coming out for the next-generation PlayStation 5 console. During the PlayStation 5 live stream that was dedicated to the upcoming video game titles slated to launch for the PlayStation 5, we got a look at Horizon Forbidden West, a brand new entry to the franchise that once again follows Aloy through a new adventure. 

Details were a bit scarce for the video game title but a new developer video showcase presented by Mathijs De Jonge, the game director, we now know a bit more of what we can expect for this upcoming installment.

According to Mathijs De Jonge, the PlayStation 5 hardware is really going to help change things for players. For instance, this new powerhouse of a machine will give fans not a more detailed, vibrant, and immersive world, but also a game that has virtually no loading screens. Everything from traversing the world to fast traveling will be rather instant, allowing players to keep going through the game without the hassle of waiting. As for the game itself, this is a new adventure featuring Aloy as she embarks westward was a new frontier has made its way from Utah to the pacific west. 

Along the way, players will find a new larger world with iconic landmarks, new machines, and even tribes. It’s said that one of these tribes has been hostile and possesses the power to override machines making them useful in combat. While Aloy will have an upward battle against these new beasts and tribes, it also seems that there will be a greater threat that not only posses harm against machines but wildlife and mankind as well. 

A virus has started to spread along with the land that is killing wildlife and crops. Furthermore, massive superstorms are erupting around the land which is threatening everything. Aloy is in for quite the challenge and its one that you can embark alongside her on the PlayStation 5 at some point in 2021. For now, you can take a look at the developer video featured above.

Source: YouTube