Pokemon Snap Finally Makes A Return

For Pokemon fans back in the 1990s, there was one iconic game on the Nintendo 64 that had a massive following. We’re referring to Pokemon Snap, a game that was simplistic but addicting to play. For years, we’ve been waiting for a new installment for the Pokemon Snap franchise, but after several video game console platforms released, there was no sign of new entry inbound. That has finally changed and fans can once again enjoy snapping some photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat.

Pokemon Snap was a game released in 1999 and it was quite the addicting one. The Player stepped into the shoes of a photographer that was transported to different terrains around the world. Sitting in a motorized cart, players simply used a camera to take photos of different Pokemon. There were a few accessories that could be used to either entice a Pokemon to give a different expression or simply appearing in the area, but overall there was no combat.

Fans had hoped that a new installment would have made its way on the Nintendo Wii U since the controller would have been a perfect piece of hardware to act as a camera. However, that never happened and Nintendo has a second chance at delivering a new installment with the Nintendo Switch which features a similar design. So far, we know that the game will be about the same as the 1999 release. 

Players will be taken to different terrains around the world and from there they can snap photos of a wide range of Pokemon. We’re still waiting on a few more details to release on what to expect with this game likewise we’re not certain just when the game would make its way out into the market for the Nintendo Switch platform. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if any more details emerge from Nintendo in the coming months.

Source: YouTube