Get $5,000 Worth Of Games For $5 In New Bundle Deal


2020 has been quite the big year. It’s brought out several moments that have people coming together in a variety of ways. Obviously, we’re all still dealing with the health outbreak pandemic. The coronavirus swept through the world and caused so many of us to seek our homes to avoid social gatherings. For some, this meant mandatory quarantine leaving cities desolate from anyone nearby, and the fact that there are so many of us out of work or forcing to refrain from going out, has left plenty of downtime. However, in America, things quickly changed after the death of George Floyd.

We try to avoid going into politics but we’re sure you are all aware of the civil rights movement going on right now. It’s a movement to help ensure that everyone is seen and treated as equals with so many citizens looking for a real change in the way police departments are run. This has sparked protests not only all over The United States of America but across the globe.

Protests are tricky right now as well because we’re all still dealing with the coronavirus. If you’re after a means to help out the cause, there are some different companies that are setting up charities or donations. One of those happens to be a website where we see all sorts of indie video games get released into the market. A new bundle deal is offering consumers a thousand video game titles for just $5.

This is a bundle that is actively donating the money towards charities that would aid in the civil rights movement for racial justice and equality. If you can’t protest then $5 would help give your support in hopes for major change and reform. Also as mentioned, this deal is helping those out that are still stuck in quarantine. While we can’t list every game here, because there is a ton of games, you can find several indie hits such as Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, and Celeste. To view the full list of games available and more information about the movement you can view the offer right here.